My deepest interests lie in philosophy, psychology and literature. I aim to bring all three of these interests on this blog!

I am a full time architectural engineer and sustainability consultant but also pursuing a part-time Masters degree in Psychology. I have always read intensively, especially your favourite philosophers, psychologists and authors and I am here to bring forward ideas, books and concepts that overall seem “inaccessible” due to the nature of their writing or content.

Always wondered what the four archetypes theorised by Carl Jung mean but couldn’t be bothered to navigate his heady writing? Or wondered why some people are better dancers than others? Or maybe you have wondered if there was an easier way to read Shakespeare? I take your questions in either one of the three domains and do the work for you! I may not always know the answer, but nerdy me loves the research part of the process and I will try my best to provide you a comprehensive answer to it!