Bookstagram is a fantastic place to find fellow booklovers, get reviews and recommendations of books. Amidst the sea of social media content to consume, Bookstagram provides a safe and cosy nook to us, the self-professed lovers of books and words.

I joined this wonderful community, not just for my love of books but also to keep myself accountable for writing just a little, even if it were book recommendations. Before long, I started to gravitate towards posts where captions were self-reflective, introspective, beautiful, real and raw. Reviews/recommendations for books came in a new form: reflections from within the post-er. I found ‘grammers that used words in the most magical way, some that didn’t hesitate to bare it all for the sake of good writing and to make meaningful connections. I searched for the writers amongst the book lovers and found a few.

But I wished there was a larger “writing” community within Bookstagram. With that view,  I created the #writeforbookstagram hashtag. I would encourage you to use this on all the posts that you are proud of so others can find you under the tag!

Hoping for a writing community to come together and engage in a more dynamic fashion, I am introducing the BOOKED OUT SUNDAYS Weekly Writing Challenge. Maybe this experiment won’t work (I understand that Instagram is for bite-sized content and blogs rarely get traction, unless you are Jeff Goins). But I am keen to find out.

What is the BOOKED OUT SUNDAYS Writing Challenge?

Every Friday I will post a writing prompt starting 1st May, 2020 on my feed and IGSTORY. This prompt could be a word, a sentence, a phrase or a string of words. If you are interested, this is what you do:

  1. You write! It could be a short essay, a poem, a musing, haiku, a book recommendation, a rant, even just a quote or the lyrics of a song ….anything you like, that is inspired by that prompt! The length is also dependent on you.
  2. Post it on your instagram account on SUNDAY and use the HASHTAG
    #bookedoutsundays. This hashtag means that I and others can see your posts and engage with them!
  3. You can also post it on your blog and leave a comment on my prompt post (on IG) directing us to your blog! If you don’t have a blog then you can message me on Instagram, I will send you an email where you can send me your post and I will upload it on my blog.
  4. Follow the hashtag #bookedoutsundays so you can see everybody’s contribution.

Please note that without the hashtag, we will be unable to see your posts! Please remember that this is mostly intended to keep us writing every weekend, it is not meant for any particular kind of writing. You could throw in a political rant if you so desire! Eventually, the aim is to allow ourselves to shed our vulnerabilities and insecurities and dig deeper on a platform (such as Instagram) where everything seems only skin deep. Bookstagram already encourages this but why not take it a step further!

Come and join the fun! Who knows, along the way we might find ourselves new friends, critics (how else can we improve?), increased readership and as proud owners of some incredible writing!

Lubna x