A Socrates Story

“Follow me” said Socrates. And so the unwitting man did. Soon enough, he was pounding on the surface of a chilly body of water, gasping for a breath, a feed, an enlightenment – at the same time fighting to ease the clamped hand of the wretched old philosopher from his neck. The old man, a spectre of undue strength smiled resignedly at the flailing body of yet another peripatetic fella as he shoved his head deeper into the river water. This should teach you, Socrates thought, teach you to come to my home uninvited, no text or call.

The man soon released, screamed, “WHAT THE HELL, MAN!?” to which Socrates responded by coaching his face into a soft pedantic smile – “If your desire to gain wisdom is as strong as your desire to breathe, you will have it!” to answer the man’s question. He walked away, pleased at the morning’s affair – two birds with one stone. “Idiot,” he whispered to the air.

Story first appeared on my Instagram.



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